What current families say about LFS:

"Finding LFS was serendipitous for our family. At LFS, my child is able to receive a high-quality education in a small classroom and be taught by adults who are truly invested in her academic, emotional, and social growth. LFS recognizes and celebrates the Light present in each child, and helps students to discover their own Light and recognize this in others as well. I have especially appreciated LFS's commitment to creating a safe space for all students and families, regardless of their diverse backgrounds, special needs, or individual learning styles." - Elementary Parent 

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What current student says about LFS:

"LFS is open and flexible of any kind of people. It’s a secure place to express yourself. We learn and have fun by exploring Lancaster with community projects and field trips to Harrisburg and DC where we talked to our representatives about the Equality Act. Like Quakers, we don’t force our opinions on others but we sit down and talk things out. We have open minds.

LFS has the best teachers I’ve ever been with. They are good people, passionate about things and they are there to help you. As people, I really admire my teachers." - Middle School Student

 Who we are

Lancaster Friends School is a Quaker school focused on educating the hearts and minds of children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Families choose our school because they believe their children will thrive within a diverse and peace-centered educational community that is committed to supporting the social, intellectual, and spiritual development of all people, and that prepares its graduates to lead in pursuit of justice.

Quaker schools have been a consistent part of Pennsylvania's history. William Penn established a Quaker school, soon after the establishment of the "Holy Experiment;" Penn's mission to lead by putting into practice all of his Quaker ideals. Since then, Quaker schools have been established all over the Commonwealth, many of which have gained recognition for providing socially responsible and intellectually vigorous educations. 

Lancaster Friends Meeting began discussions about establishing its own school several years ago. Current events nationally regarding racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored the fact that children need community and an education that goes above and beyond preparing them academically. They need an education that also prepares them to participate in and lead the construction of more inclusive, just, and peaceful communities. 

In response to this need, a small group of Quakers and nonQuakers formed to consider whether the time was right to open a Quaker school in Lancaster that would emphasize equality and community. As our purpose and discernment gained attention, more community members became involved and eventually, Lancaster Friends school was established.

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Our Mission

Lancaster Friends School celebrates childhood, community, and the inherent value and dignity of every person. We provide a joyful, challenging and holistic educational program grounded in  Quaker values, spirituality and discernment of truth. Students develop strong academic and  social skills, mindful self-awareness, and intense personal interests in order to participate in our diverse and complex world and build inclusive, just and peaceful communities.  

Our Vision

Lancaster Friends School will be a school with an inclusive and diverse student body and faculty led in spirit to seek truth through study and action. LFS will include 50% non-white or marginalized students and employees, reflecting the fulness of diversity of the wider Lancaster community. We will maintain a focus on social justice and antiracist education. We will have established supportive relationships with organizations within the Lancaster community, including the surrounding school districts. Students that leave our school to attend public or private schools will be prepared to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally, and lead in the pursuit of social justice. 

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 Why Quaker Education?

 A Quaker education can be characterized by:

Can non-Quakers attend a Friends School?

Absolutely - and you would be welcomed warmly. All students are welcome at Lancaster Friends School regardless of their religious affiliation. We don't seek to convert anyone. At LFS, rather than instilling a particular set of beliefs or doctrines, we nurture each student to be a person rooted in reality, receptive to the Spirit, honoring of the inner Light in others, caring of their community, and confident in their ability to reach their full potential. 

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Non-Discrimination Policy

The business of Lancaster Friends School shall be conducted with appreciation for and without bias against race, color, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, religion, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, military or veteran status, family structure including marital or parental status, and socioeconomic status, in a spirit of inclusivity with respect to the full diversity of our local community, and in full accord with the principles of the Religious Society of Friends.