Our Logo

Lancaster Friends School circular logo

How we chose our logo

A group of LFS community members gathered over the course of several months to build the LFS logo. We put out our mission statement to several artists who provided us with their concepts for consideration. We discussed what we liked, considered the concepts, themes, and colors, and thought about how we would like to be represented to the world. Through all of these considerations and looking at logos of local organizations and other Quaker schools, we came to the conclusion that the current logo represents LFS.

What it means to us

Our logo represents our commitment and connection to the natural world. As Quakers, we strive to be good stewards of the world around us, and it is important that we stay connected to the environment. We chose a tree with six branches to represent each of the six SPICES: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equity, and stewardship. These core beliefs are the foundation of everything that we do, and we wanted that to be clear in how we represent ourselves. The tree also represents life, growth, and support.

The birds in our logo represent our purpose to protect and encourage our students while we are preparing them for their next phases of life. We want to launch them into the world with the ability to be responsible, caring, and active global citizens.

We want our logo to represent you, the Lancaster and LFS communities.

Our logo represents LFS, and we want to be mindful community members. Please share your feedback on our logo with us.

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