Trex Proffitt (he/him)

Trex is a part of our Middle School team.

"My name is Trex Proffitt and I've served as a professor at F&M, Muhlenberg College, Emory University, and the University of California. After a career in higher education, I became a middle school teacher in 2016. My family and I have lived in Lancaster since 2005. My wife works as a house dean at F&M, my daughter is a rising junior at F&M, and my son is entering his last year of high school at the Hill School.

I love teaching middle school students because their growing brains are as capable as they'll ever be, but they also are young and playful, so they have fun while they learn.

Fun fact: I've walked across a bed of hot coals twice in my life. It was easier than teaching. I'm a level 1 squash coach and have been coaching and organizing squash since 1995."

Chris Collins (she/her)

Chris teaches science and health to grade levels K-8.

"My name is Chris Collins. I have lived in Lancaster County for the last 23 years. My ancestry traces deeply into Quaker lineage, including William Penn and Margaret Fell, and I have been a member of various Quaker meetings during my life’s journey.

I am very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the start-up of Lancaster Friends School. This brings me full circle in teaching from where I began. My first teaching experience was at Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, NY in the early 1980’s. I taught high school biology, served as a dorm Mom for 50 girls, coached soccer,etc. I loved teaching and my experience at Oakwood. But I was ready to further my education. I have always had a fascination with the human body and health and wellness. So from Oakwood, I moved to Philadelphia in 1986 and began medical school at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I graduated in 1990 and while it was my intention then to work as a primary care physician, I took a detour and followed another life dream, to become a parent. I am the Mom to 3 great kids (adults now) and most definitely am thankful for them in my life.

I had the privilege to be a stay-at-home Mom when my kids were little. When I began to think about reentering the workforce I realized that education was still my passion. This second time around, I brought a wealth of education in medicine and wellness to the table. I returned to teaching in 2005 to launch and build out a strong and broad health education program for Lancaster Country Day School (LCDS), which included health education for grades 7-12. I taught basic concepts in mental and physical health, drug and alcohol awareness, addiction and the teen brain, and a comprehensive sexuality education program for 7th, 8th and 10th grade students from 2005 to the present. In 2012, I accepted the position of 7th grade Physical Science teacher at LCDS while continuing my health and sexuality education classes.

Things I love about teaching: I am a life-long student and appreciate the lessons I learn every day in classrooms with students. Younger students keep me on my toes literally and I like that. Middle school students are, well, in the middle between the life stages of child and adult. Having the opportunity to witness and guide them in their transformation is a remarkable gift.

Fun facts: I bicycled from Earlham College in Indiana to Nova Scotia (1,500+ miles), ran a marathon along Lake Ontario in New York and climbed the back side of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. I love to move by foot, wheel or water. I love dogs and currently have 2 beagle-mix rescues, Dobby and Penny. I love to work in my garden, eat fresh fruits and vegetables from it, and I love spending time with family and friends."

Andrea Carty (she/her)

Andrea works with students in grades K-5.

My name is Andrea Paz y Miño Carty. I am a Montessori trained teacher with my Masters in Elementary Education from Temple University. I have taught children from preschool to 6th grade and enjoyed all of those experiences. Having been exposed to public school and Quaker education as a student, I have a deep appreciation for an excellent education with a firm foundation on the core Quaker values. My passion for social justice and my belief in the inherent value of every person is what brought me to Quakerism and what inspires me as first Head of School for Lancaster Friends School.

My husband and I moved to Lancaster with our children in 2003 when he accepted his position in the athletic department at F&M. We have enjoyed being part of that community and our oldest daughter will graduate from F&M in 2022. We also have a daughter entering her second year at Bates College, while our son is entering his second year at Westtown, a Quaker school.

I have enjoyed experiences teaching in multi-age classrooms and look forward to teaching K-5 along with Peggy. Allowing students to learn from each other, work together to problem solve, and build lasting relationships in an authentic, inclusive community is a large part of what makes teaching so rewarding.

I believe that teaching is my calling, what I am led to do, how I can have a positive impact on the world. My kindergarten self did not agree, as when I was asked what I wanted to be, I answered “a grandmother.” I hope to enjoy that position someday.

Portrait photo of Andrea Carty
Portrait photo of Peggy Bright

Peggy Bright (she/her)

Peggy teaches music to students in grades K-8.

Victoria Carty (she/they)

Victoria works with all students K-8 teaching Spanish, and is one of our administrative assistants.

My first job, like so many other people, was babysitting. I got to babysit for my middle school math teacher, watching her young son and then her infant. I babysat them over the course of several years, watching them grow and change, and I even got the chance to see them in classroom settings in later years. I continued babysitting, working in summer camps, doing weekly childcare for Lancaster Monthly Meeting, and substitute teaching up until the pandemic. In October of 2020, I got the chance to work with a learning Pod in downtown Lancaster serving students of local public schools, mainly Ross Elementary. I'd always been on the fence about teaching as a career path, but this experience really encouraged me to pursue education.

I can still remember one of my first Spanish classes in first grade. My teacher asked if anyone knew the word "arriba" and I pulled my knowledge (guided by the wonderful Dora the Explorer) out of my pocket. I felt such a sense of pride and joy being able to learn another language, and my passion continued from there. I continued taking Spanish through middle and high school, completing my high school's Spanish program, and going on to double major in Spanish and Public Health at F&M, where I am now a senior.

My own education led me through Montessori from 1st to 8th grade, and then to Westtown for a Quaker boarding school experience for high school. My most valuable take away from my education thus far has been that education is about learning how to learn. In my experience, I've learned that learning another language requires conversation and making mistakes. No one will make it through Spanish class, including myself, without tripping up once or twice. These mistakes encourage us to use our resources, to learn how to use a Spanish dictionary, our critical thinking skills, and the words and phrases that we do have to communicate. The exploration of a world to which we have become accustomed through the lens of a new language can be eye-opening and joyful for people of all ages.

I've been involved in Quakerism since I was 6 years old, and have attended Lancaster Monthly Meeting since then. I have recently been invited to become a Member, and will be completing that process soon. I also attended Quaker high school and was a student clerk on the Quaker Leadership Committee there. I also helped out occasionally with FDS on Sundays at the Westtown Meeting, which transitioned nicely into working Sunday childcare at LMM.

My educational interests outside of teaching include American government & politics (hence my Public Health Gov track major), health education, English including creative writing and poetry, and biology.

What I love about teaching: I love experiencing the world through fresh eyes. I have always loved working with kids and hearing what they have to say, they can be some of the best people to talk to. It's such a win for everyone when a student has that moment of realization about a new concept and begins to manipulate it in their own way. I am always honored to be a part of a child's life; every moment is so precious!

Fun fact: I've been to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador! I was able to go to Ecuador for 3 weeks during my senior year of high school, and I spent one week in Quito, one in Cumbayá, and one in the Amazon. We had to fly in a tiny propellor plane and then go down the Amazon river in a motor-powered boat, and then travel down a smaller stream in a row boat. It was an amazing experience and I would go back to the rainforest in a heartbeat!