Light The Path Forward

Wednesday, July 19: Light the Path Forward event

The Light the Path Forward fundraising event will be held at Bob Muth's house again to celebrate our second year and kick off the fundraising campaign for LFS!

We raised nearly $10,000 last year. Let's see if we can top that!

Thank you

to everyone who attended our fundraising event in 2021 and worked so hard to make it possible! A very special thanks to our host, and first donor, Bob Muth. We fundraised a total of $9,555, with a designation of $900 to the Equity Scholarship fund. Additionally, we received a direct donation of $247 worth of books to grow the LFS library! We cannot thank all of our donors enough. We hope that you will continue to be involved with LFS as we grow by spreading the word and continuing contributions. Although our event has passed, Light the Path Forward is a continuing effort on behalf of the advancement of the school community. 

A few words from Drew Smith, Friends Council on Education:

To our friends at Lancaster Friends School:


On behalf of the universe of Quaker schools, Friends Council on Education formally welcomes the community of Lancaster Friends School!


Lancaster Friends School’s inaugural school year begins as the oldest Quaker school celebrates the beginning of its 332nd.  That first school’s mission was not, as the founders wrote, “to make Quaker preachers,” but rather to gather children from all walks of life that they might together “imagine a more ideal society.”  In Friends Council’s view, the Lancaster Friends School has embraced this mission and we are honored to support you on your journey.


Your school opens at a time of social and political turmoil; but be mindful that Quaker schools have endured through turmoil in the past and in each instance leverages the power of continuing revelation to insure that our school communities continue to be better place of equity and belonging for all members of our community.   We have full confidence that your school will be such a place and fully expect that the wisdom of your experience will benefit all of us in Quaker education.